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Welsh Wreck Web Research Project - 2020

Chart of north Cardigan Bay
Chart of the area covered by the project showing the approximate locations of the incidents investigated

During 2020, the Covid-19 corona virus struck the world with a vengence, and lockdown for months became the norm for people in many countries around the world.

With diving and site visits put on hold, the Nautical Archaeology Society put out a plea for ideas that would help people maintain their enthusiasm for maritime archaeology, while self isolating.

Between 2002 & 2009 MADU had been involved with investigating a shipwreck in the north of Cardigan Bay, West Wales (see The Diamond? Project). During this exercise, a database of over 450 maritime incidents involving vessels had been identified in this area, and from this list, the "www Research Project" evolved.

People who were interested in carrying out some research from home, were invited to undertake on-line investigations into vessels from the database, and to produce a short report on their findings.

The project was initially planned to run until the end of 2020, but due to the ongoing impact of the virus, the project has been extended for an additional 3-months until the end of March 2021.

Below are details of the results obtained so far:

North Cardigan Bay - West
Enlarged area centred around Bardsey Island
North Cardigan Bay - East
Enlarged area of Tremadoc Bay and Sarn Badreg (St. Patrick's Causeway)
The above are: Admiralty Chart 1971 - Cardigan Bay - northern part (not to be used for navigation)
© Crown Copyright. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationary Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (

The following table relates to vessels that have been involved in maritime incidents as shown on the above charts, and includes links to the reports that have been prepared and submitted by volunteer researchers who have engaged with the project.

Vessel Date Type Incident Author
Aggravator 08/08/1898 Steamship driven ashore & total loss Chris Holden
Alice Bannister 03/11/1898 Schooner collision (Borrowdale) Graeme Perks
Allaluia 07/02/1812 sailing vessel wrecked & lost Deanna Groom
Amy Summerfield 23/03/1951 Steamship drifted onto pier & salvaged Gareth Davies
Amethyst 21/03/1897 Steamship collision in fog (Anubis) Lynn Jones
Amlwch Packet 14/10/1881 Schooner driven ashore & dismantled Malcolm Whitewright
Andrada 24/03/1895 Barque grounded & re-floated Graeme Perks
Aquila 23/10/1961 Steamship steering failed repaired Gareth Davies
Arabella 01/08/1894 unknown see Margaret / Jane Anne Giddings
Argos 19/11/1907 Steamship foundered & sank total loss Gareth Davies
Arno 26/04/1895 Fully Rigged Ship aground on reef & re-floated Chris Holden
Beatrice Catherine 15/10/1859 Smack stranded & lost Sarah Harwood
Beginning 05/03/1812 Sloop ran onto rocks & total loss Mike Ortel
Borrowdale 03/11/1898 Steamship collision (Alice Bannister) Graeme Perks
Bristol 18/12/1819 Brig driven ashore & total loss Chris Holden
Bronwen 21/09/1891 Schooner blown ashore & total loss Graeme Perks
Caroline 13/03/1844 Fully Rigged Ship driven ashore & total loss Graeme Perks
Castilian 04/12/1868 Fully Rigged Ship stranded on the beach Robert Cadwalader
Celerity 25/12/1852 Schooner foundered offshore Graeme Perks
Charlotte ??/11/1877 Brigantine aground on reef & re-floated Chris Holden
Chelford 14/04/1918 Steamship sunk by submarine UB-73 Ashton East
Christiana 1892/1896 Smack stranded, re-floated, lost Geaeme Perks
Concordia 01/11/1887 Brig driven ashore & re-floated Chris Holden
Cydonia 21/10/1949 Steamship struck a mine & beached Gareth Davies
Cyrene 05/04/1918 Steamship sunk by submarine UC-31 Ashton East
Danube 06/03/1861 Fully Rigged Ship stranded on reef & wrecked Malcolm Whitewright
De Jung Jacob 13/09/1800 sailing vessel driven ashore & total loss Hristomir Hristov
Dewi Wyn 21/01/1861 Schooner stranded on bar & re-floated Gwyneth James
Diamond 02/01/1825 Fully Rigged Ship wrecked & lost MADU
Dreadnought 14/10/1881 Schooner wrecked, salvaged, wrecked Malcolm Whitewright
Dusty Miller 10/10/1878 Barque towed from reef to safety Chris Holden
Edward O'Brien 13/02/1875 Fully Rigged Ship beached & re-floated Chris Holden
Emmy 05/02/1934 Steamship grounded & re-floated Gareth Davies
Endeavour 08/12/1886 Smack driven ashore & total loss Gwyeth James
Erica 08/03/1918 Schooner sunk by submarine U-110 Ashton East
Eulomene 29/01/1884 Fully Rigged Ship ran onto reef & total loss Gareth Davies
Eulomene 30/01/1905 Barque lost under tow in North Sea Gareth Davies
Ezel 01/09/1905 Schooner stranded on bar, re-floated Graeme Perks
Favourite Sally 22/11/1811 Brig wrecked & lost Deanna Groom
Ganda 05/08/1904 Steamship drifted ashore & sank Chris Holden
Glendoveer 12/07/1845 Fully Rigged Ship stranded & salvaged Robert Cadwalader
Glenocum 23/05/1883 Steamship went ashore and sank Chris Holden
Gordon Castle 10/09/1916 Steamship collission (Stormarn) lost Lynn Jones
Haab 24/01/1884 Barque beached & re-floated Graeme Perks
Haba 22/08/1885 Brigantine leaking abandoned sank Chris Holden
Harkaway 14/10/1881 Schooner beached in storm, refloated Malcolm Whitewright
Harvest Home 04/04/1841 Barque stranded but refloated Chris Holden
Harvest Home 27/04/1914 Schooner hit rocks & total loss Chris Holden
Herefordshire 15/03/1934 Steamship ran aground & total loss Gareth Davies
Ilesha 08/08/1915 Motor Vessel ran onto rocks & total loss Chris Holden
Industry 07/12/1891 Schooner drifted un-manned, wrecked Gerallt Owen
Isca 22/02/1875 Barque ? ran aground & re-floated Chris Holden
James 29/03/1883 Schooner stranded on the beach Deanna Groom
James & Caroline 14/10/1910 Lifeboat stranded & condemned Robert Cadwalader
James Holmes 07/09/1826 Sloop driven ashore & re-floated Deanna Groom
Jane 10/11/1835 Brig ran onto reef & re-floated Chris Holden
Jane Ellen 21/03/1887 Schooner ran ashore & wrecked Malcolm Whitewright
John 1559/1590 Trading Ship abandoned & lost Richard Adamczyk
John Ellis 14/10/1881 Schooner driven ashore, re-floated Malcolm Whitewright
John G. Walter 09/03/1918 Schooner sunk by submarine U-101 Ashton East
Joseph Nicholson 14/02/1895 Schooner collission (with Walter Ulrick) Nigel Braybrooke
Julia A. Merritt 23/11/1877 Schooner beached & re-floated Chris Holden
Kingfisher 09/08/1940 Steamship beached, re-floated Malcolm Whitewright
Korsnaes 24/03/1917 Steamship stopped by UC-65 & scuttled Gareth Davies
Kragero 02/08/1895 Barque stranded, re-floated Nigel Braybrooke
Laura Griffith 11/12/1909 Schooner driven ashore & total loss Graeme Perks
Lerry 18/12/1893 Smack foundered on bar, total loss Graeme Perks
Llanddulas 28/12/1900 Schooner ? foundered & total loss Chris Holden
Luther 24/01/1884 Brig lost in force 11 storm Wendy Sadler
Magnolia 04/02/1886 Fully Rigged Ship beached & re-floated Chris Holden
Maid of Harlech 27/09/1942 Aircraft ditched just off the beach MADU
Maid of Meirion 19/10/1900 Dandy foundered & sank Gwyneth James
Margaret / Jane 01/08/1894 2 - Rowing Boat swamped and overturned Anne Giddings
Margaret & Jane 13/12/1863 Schooner struck reef & salvaged Chris Holden
Marion 29/09/1885 Schooner driven ashore & total wreck Stefano Borghi
Mary Anne 14/11/1879 Barque unstable cargo, total loss Graeme Perks
Matilda 26/06/1853 Brig ran ashore & total wreck Mike Ortel
Miningu 23/01/1884 Barque foundered & total loss Graeme Perks
Monk 07/01/1843 Paddle Steamer stranded on bar & wrecked Chris Holden
Moringen 16/06/1897 Brig stranded on the bar Richard Evans
Neptune 02/02/1825 Fully Rigged Ship driven ashore & total loss Graeme Perks
Newry 16/04/1830 Barque driven ashore & total loss Richard Adamczyk
Oberon (2) 01/04/1860 Barque aground on reef & re-floated Malcolm Whitewright
Omnibus 06/02/1869 Schooner struck rocks & total loss Graeme Perks
Owen Morris 08/12/1907 Schooner driven ashore & total loss Mel Taylor
Peter Varkevisser 13/01/1895 Ketch foundered, re-floated Chris Holden
Phoebe 13/01/1843 Schooner lost during the Great Storm Alexia Van Hecke
Pluvier 15/03/1905 Schooner collision with schooner Rosie Graeme Perks
Poltalloch 02/01/1916 Barque stranded & total loss Robert Cadwalader
Pulteney 18/08/1934 Steamship collision (SS Thelma) lost Gareth Davies
Pwllheli Packet 30/09/1873 Smack sank in storm & lost Beccy Austin
Resolution 12/09/1835 Brig lifeboat guided to safety Chris holden
Rio Negro 12/01/1920 Steamship adrift no rudder/prop saved Gareth Davies
Rob the Ranter 30/10/1899 Brigantine beached & total loss Mal Taylor
Ryerson 01/06/1874 Fully Rigged Ship aground on reef & re-floated Chris Holden
Saint George 14/10/1881 Brig beached, re-floated Malcolm Whitewright
Sarah 07/10/1835 Fully Rigged Ship driven ashore & total loss Sirine Ghiye
Seven Brothers 27/11/1909 Schooner stranded on the beach Graeme Perks
Six Brothers 06/01/1867 Schooner stranded & sank Gerallt Owen
Snaefell 15/10/1902 Schooner driven towards shore, saved Adrian Corkill
Sobraon/Oberon 1 24/01/1860 Brig mistaken identity - no loss Malcolm Whitesight
Spanker 06/02/1885 Barque stranded on the foreshore Robert Cadwalader
St Johannes 13/09/1800 Dutch Barge total loss Beccy Austin
St Tudwals Ferry ??/??/1887 Ferry unknown Annette Maloney
Stormarn 16/09/1900 Steamship collision (Gordon Castle) lost Lynn Jones
Stuart 06/04/1901 Barque ran ashore & total loss Meherzi / Davies
Swanland 27/11/2011 Bulk Carrier structural failure, total loss Sarah Harwood
Syren 08/03/1908 Ketch stranded & re-floated Graeme Perks
Tal-y-Bont 17th century Armed Ship wrecked & lost MADU
Tamerlane 23/10/1846 Barque stranded & re=floated Graeme Perks
Telephone 1892/1893 Steamship beached & re-floated Chris Holden
Thelma 18/08/1934 Steamship collision (Pulteney) survived Gareth Davies
Thetis 06/02/1850 Snow / Brig stranded on bar & wrecked Graeme Perks
Thora 29/10/1927 Schooner wrecked, salvaged, wrecked Mel Taylor
Timbo 15/11/1922 Steamship stranded on rocks & sank Graeme Perks
Turkestan 18/02/1876 Fully Rigged Ship stranded on the beach Robert Cadwalader
Twelve Apostles 23/11/1898 Schoomer ran ashore & wrecked Deanna Cunningham
Va sans Peur 26/03/1948 Breton Trawler ran onto reef, towed off Morgane Mahaud
VIC-33 05/01/1945 Steamship lost propeller, adrift, saved Gareth Davies
Victoria 31/07/1851 Schooner ran onto reef & re-floated Chris Holden
Vine 15/12/1857 Schooner struck rocks & sank Sarah Harwood
Viscata 28/01/1880 Schooner sunk offshore & a total loss Graeme Perks
Walpas & U-91 27/04/1918 Schooner sunk by submarine U-91 Gareth Davies
Walter Ulric 14/02/1895 Schooner collision (Joseph Nicholson) Nigel Braybrooke
Weaver 15/11/1882 Schooner stranded Sarah Harwood
Woodman 12/12/1883 Schooner foundered, ran ashore, lost Graeme Perks
Zebulon 11/09/1835 Barque driven onto reef, re-floated Graeme Perks
Miscellaneous Additional Reports Author
Caernarvon School of Navigation Sarah Harwood

Below are examples of some of the above reports.

Project Reports
A selection of some of the reports submitted

The project currently has 536 vessels on its database that have been involved in maritime incidents, and 70 researchers, based in many parts of the world, are investigating 264 of them.

This still leaves 272 vessels looking for a researcher, so, if you would like to join the team and undertake some on-line investigations, go to:

and follow the "How to get Involved" instructions.

Happy Researching & Reporting


This project has no commercial remit, it has been run entirely by the voluntary efforts of the administrators and researchers, with no outside financial assistance. The sole purpose of the project has been to help people with an interest in maritime history to safely survive the 2020/21 global outbreak of the Covid-19 corona virus and facilitate public access to the historical resource. It is hoped that the information contained in the reports compiled, is of interest, and possibly of assistance in the future for anyone looking for details relating to any of the vessels investigated.

While the Malvern Achaeological Diving Unit (MADU) and the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) have taken all reasonable efforts to ensure that the copyright of third parties has been acknowledged and relevant consents obtained, the individual reports remain the sole property of the authors. If any third party has concerns related to the accuracy or other aspects of a report’s content it is requested that contact is made with the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit (MADU) and the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) in order that such concerns may be addressed. 

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