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Welsh Wreck Web Research Project - 2020

During 2020, the Covid-19 corona virus struck the world with a vengence, and lockdown for months became the norm for people in many countries around the world.

With diving and site visits put on hold, the Nautical Archaeology Society put out a plea for ideas that would help people maintain their enthusiasm for maritime archaeology, while self isolating.

Between 2002 & 2009 MADU had been involved with investigating a shipwreck in the north of Cardigan Bay, West Wales (see The Diamond? Project). During this exercise, a database of over 450 maritime incidents involving vessels had been identified in this area, and from this list, the "www Research Project" evolved.

People who were interested in carrying out some research from home, were invited to undertake on-line investigations into vessels from the database, and to produce a short report on their findings.

The project is due to run until the end of 2020 and below are details of the results obtained so far:

wreck chart of north Cardigan Bay
Chart of the area covered by the project showing the approximate locations of the incidents investigated
North Cardigan Bay - West
Enlarged area centred around Bardsey Island
North Cardigan Bay - East
Enlarged area of Tremadoc Bay and Sarn Badreg (St. Patrick's Causeway)
The above are: Admiralty Chart 1971 - Cardigan Bay - northern part (not to be used for navigation)
© Crown Copyright. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationary Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (

The following table relates to vessels involved in maritime incidents shown on the above charts, and includes links to the reports prepared by researchers who have engaged with the "www Research Project".

Vessel Date Type Incident Author
Chelford 14/04/1918 Steamship sunk by submarine UB-73 Ashton East
Cyrene 05/04/1918 Steamship sunk by submarine UC-31 Ashton East
Diamond 02/01/1825 Fully Rigged Ship wrecked and lost MADU
Dreadnought 14/10/1881 Schooner wrecked, salvaged, re-wrecked Malcolm Whitewright
Erica 08/03/1918 Schooner sunk by submarine U-110 Ashton East
John G. Walter 09/03/1918 Schooner sunk by submarine U-101 Ashton East
Kingfisher 09/08/1940 Steamship beached, re-floated Malcolm Whitewright
Kragero 02/08/1895 Barque stranded, re-floated Nigel Braybrooke
Maid of Harlech 27/09/1942 Aircraft ditched just off the beach MADU
Moringen 16/06/1897 Brig stranded on the bar Richard Evans
Neptune 02/02/1825 Fully Rigged Ship wrecked below cliffs Graeme Perks
Seven Brothers 27/11/1909 Schooner stranded on the beach Graeme Perks
Spanker 06/02/1885 Barque stranded on the foreshore Robert Cadwalader
Tal-y-Bont 17th century Armed Ship wrecked & lost MADU
Thora 29/10/1927 Schooner wrecked, salvaged, re-wrecked Mel Taylor
Turkestan 17-18/02/1876 Fully Rigged Ship stranded on the beach Robert Cadwalader




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