Llandudno Field School - 2015

In November 2015, MADU were again invited by the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) to run a two day course on Intertidal Recording for volunteers from the Ships' Timbers Maritime Museum in Llandudno.  

In addition to the wreck of the Flying Foam, and a wooden culvert on Llandudno's West Shore that was recorded during a field school in 2014, the Ships' Timbers are also looking to record a variety of sites on Llandundn's North Shore.

The North Shore sites vary from individual features (i.e. a concrete base once used for the lifeboat haul off warp, a coping stone, an anchor, etc.) to multiple features that form part of earlier constructions (i.e. jetties, breakwaters, the original Llandudno pier, etc.). These sites lie between the high and low water mark and are spread over approximately 1km of beach.  Some of the sites are relatively modern with known historical records indicating that they date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, however there is the possibility that some of the wooden and stone remains of jetties may be associated with mining activities that took place on the Great Orme’s Head, in which case they could date back to the Roman period or even earlier.

During the course of the field school, the following topics were covered:

  2D Surveying (Offset, Trilateration, Ties and Plane Table)

  3D Surveying (DSM and Site Recorder)

  Drawing (Planning Frames)

  Photography (Aerial, Time Lapse, Photomosaics and Photogrammetry)

  Report Writing

The field school was generously funded by Cadw.

 Learning to use a Dumpy Level during the field school

 Looking for the remains of the original Llandudno pier

Learning how to use a Dumpy Level 

Looking for the remains of the oiginal Llandudno pier

 A stone feature highlighted by the weed growth, thought to be the base of an old jetty

 A coping stone

A stone feature highlighted by weed growth, and thought to be the base of an old jetty

 A Coping stone

For more information regarding the Ships' Timbers see:                   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ships-Timbers/610174629025689