Silver Grey Project

In 1996, MADU were approached by a group of Spitfire enthusiasts with an enquiry to see if they would be interested in diving to search for a WWII Spitfire know as the "Silver Grey" that ditched off the Bexhill coast on its way back from a mission over France in 1941.

MADU took on the task, and following a couple of initial early season soties in 1997 and discussions with the local Rother Dive Club, in early September '97 MADU mobilised a large team of divers and helpers to run a weeks project at the site.

Early morning briefing

Early Morning Briefing

 ATC volunteers Members of the team 

Local ATC Volunteers

Some of the MADU Team

 The base on the promonade  Logging dives

The Base on the Promonade

Logging Dives

 Hard boat with side scan sonar  Inflatable with magnetometer

Hard Boat with Side Scan Sonar

Inflatable with Magnetometer

 One of the 3 ribs used on the project  Boat working on site

One of the 3 Ribs Used on the Project

 Boat Working on the Site

 Looking out over the site  Monitoring the area being searched

Looking Out Over the Site

 Monitoring the Site Being Searched

 Artefacts being logged  Artefacts being recorded

Artefacts Being Logged

Artefacts Being Recorded

 Artefacts from the site  Part of the Spitfire's instrument panel

Artefacts from the Site

Part of the Spitfire's Instrument Panel

 Artefacts being handed to the Malvern Spitdire Team  Publisising the Project with the Media

Artefacts Being Handed Over to the
Malvern Spitfire Team

Publisising the Project with the Media

In 1997, MADU completed a report on the project titled:  Silver Grey Diving Project