Ynyslas Wreck Recording

In September 2014 and June 2015, MADU (operating on behalf of the NAS) joined forces with the Dyfed Archaeological Trust (DAT) to visit Ynyslas Beach in mid Wales to monitor & record the remains of three intertidal wrecks that lie on & below the sand (mud).  The wrecks are designated as Maritime Scheduled Monuments and DAT and MADU have been working together to record in particular Hulk 3 which is emerging from the bank of the Afon Leri (River Leri) as the bank errodes.  The exposed timbers of the wreck are covered by the incomming tide and then dry out twice a day as the water receeds.  The effect of this is the loss of the structural integrety of the wreck, resulting in the timbers becomming disarticlated and eventually lost to the elements.   

Ynyslas Hulk 1 looking east Ynyslas Hulk 1 looking west

Hulk 1 on Ynyslas Beach


Ynyslas Hulk 2 looking north Ynyslas Hulk 2 looking south/east

Hulk 2 on Ynyslas Beach


Ynyslas Hulk 3 looking south Ynyslas Hulk 3 looking north

Hulk 3 on Ynyslas Beach


2014 Wreck Recording

2015 Wreck Recording